FASHION POLICE: Boa-Constrictor and Salvo Waydelich ALTS??

Caught red-handed? After a few years of speculation it seems that Mimmi and Salvo may be alts of each other. Yes, that would mean that one person is playing puppet to both these avatars. Is the cat out of the bag? Not yet. But keeping this “low-key” for this long obviously would require multiple computers. Especially since they occasionally appear in the same fashion show, and have even gotten married…eep.

Here are the known facts:

Salvo rezzed inworld – 04/24/2007 and his “wife-to-be” Mimmi rezzed inworld 05/20/2007. Less that 1 month apart. It is certainly close in “age”, almost too close. Maybe someone realized he would rather wear a dress than pants after a month of sl experimentation.

Also Salvo’s profile has “Payment Info Used”, whereas Mimmi has “No Payment Info On File”. I find it hard to believe that a “former” model would come into SL with “model” ambitions and not put some real money into this game. Unless someone was controlling both avatars and sending payments directly to it.

However, Mimmi has used SL voice. Yes, the “speaking engagements” are for select occasions such as a “TV” appearance, and the recent Styling Forward show. However, just because there is a woman speaking broken english does not mean it is necessarily her.

I am convinced that they are alts. I would love to see them both on a “TV” show in sl. Maybe then the truth will be surfaced.

Thanks for the resident submission! Keep your stories and opinions coming! Be sure to email!

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Exclusiva Going Out Of Business!

Exclusiva® (former known as V-Fashion®)                                                                 •*’**✰*Going out of Business Sale                                                                                –          ALL ITEMS 50 % OFF –                                                                                                               Beginning Dec. 15, 2010 at 8 am sl

Vasgez & VictoriaV McMillan of  Exclusiva® (former known as V-Fashion®) announce their 50 percent off CLOSING SALE !”These past 3 years have been a good run,” said Vasgez McMillan, CEO of Exclusiva®. “It’s time to say goodbye.”
Hurry now, you do not want to miss this opportunity!

Exclusiva®!, V-Fashion®, VictoriaV, ViciV – all brands will no longer be in existence after this sale…They are going out of business and all items must go!!!
Each and every item in the Exclusiva® (former known as V-Fashion®) Mainstore and LooK BooK® is on sale now.
You do not want to miss this spectacular blow out sale at these wonderful prices.
Hurry because this offer won’t be lasting long.ou will have only a few days to take advantage of these great deals.Last chance to get these delightful designs at such a low price.

The sale will start today., Dec. 15, 2010 at 8am

—————————————————————————Want to gift an item?Then please use the Exclusiva® (former known as V-Fashion®) LooK-BooK®; Kiosk are currently placed around the mainstore.There are terminals available for cancelling incorrect orders in the Exclusiva® (former known as V-Fashion®) LooK-BooK®. —————————————————————————

About Exclusiva® (former known as V-Fashion®)—————————————————————————
Exclusiva® , formerly known as VictoriaV Fashion and V-Fashion® was founded in 2007. Exclusiva® has brought glamour and high-fashion to SL with its outstanding and unique designs. From flowing wedding gowns, formal and evening gowns, cocktail dresses, classy casual, and business wear to stunning lingerie and recently the launch of Menswear, VictoriaV and Vasgez McMillan have designed it all. A couple in SL, as well as in RL, they work hand-in-hand to bring their company slogan ”Simple, Classy, Elegant” to SLife.”

CONTACT:Vasgez & VictoriaV McMillanCEO Exclusiva®
Location:Exclusiva® Mainstore􀀉

thanks for the resident submission! keep your opinions coming!

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Roe Woodford – MISS BAHAMAS
Reign Congrejo – MISS COSTA RICA
Leandra Breen – MISS GERMANY
Angels Milena – MISS ITALY
rakusu Aabye – MISS JAPAN
Tania Tebaldi – MISS RUSSIA
blackLiquid Tokyoska – MISS THAILAND
Katherine Comet – MISS USA

I received an email from one of the contestants listed above, discussing her “place” in the top 10, take a look at this excerpt….

“I feel that I should not be a part of the top 10 for MVW. I do not know how legitimate the source is, however I do feel that I was bound to make it far in this contest. I do feel that there are more qualified girls for the contest. I will not step down, I just hope I do not win. But then again, there is no prizes to win.”

What do you all think? Why do so many girls bend over backwards for this  contest?

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SL FASHION BLAST AWARDS – best and worst of 2010!!!!!!!!

Before this fabulous year comes to an end, lets see who was who this year in fashion. Submit your answers via comment or email to

There will be 6 categories and the option of best and worst for each for a total of 12 responses. Therefore… best female model and worst female model ect. Have fun!!

BEST & WORST Categories………..

1. Model FEMALE

2. Model MALE

3. Designer

4. Model Agency / Owner

5. Contest

6. Magazine

This will run for a few days, and afterwards, a post will be compiled releasing the names of all the WINNERS! Submit! Submit! Submit!!

Happy Holidays, xoxo Fashion Blast

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Fashion Police: RicoRacer Flux

UPDATE: Check out a huge cluster of entertaining images right here…

You might be wondering whats wrong in this fashion police… in fact the thing thats wrong is in fact the model, and his face. People may be enamored with his kindness and willingness to bend over to please a client. He should be paying more to attention to his FACE. Between the obscenely large chin, pointed lips, permanent frown, and awful bone structure, he looks like he should be backstage instead of center stage. He has definitely fallen from the lower ranks he was on in the first place, making him one of the least desirable models out there. Keep on blogging, being used, and also everyone’s free promoter. The end.

Thanks for the resident submission! Keep your opinions coming!!

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got dirt? give it up.

Submit your dirt to one or more of the following to!

Agency Aficionado: Let’s hear your opinions on various Second Life modeling agencies! We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. Speak up, now.

Model Meltdown: Got a case of DIVA? Send it our way and let the world know.

Event Showcase: Send us your review of a fashion show, event, or contest. The fashion world creates some beautiful events; will yours be in the spotlight, or just a disappointment? We love to hear the details!

Spotted!: Capture a candid photo of one of your favorite models, designers, or socialite on the scene, or wherever. Send it in, and get it published! Paparazzi, grab your cameras.

Promote This, Sell That: Are you a designer releasing new clothing? Or an event planner with an upcoming fashion show? Or a magazine with a new issue on the horizon? Send us the details and get your products published!

Fashion Police: Sure, its been done a million times. But it certainly provides entertainment. Send us a photo of a fashion felony and share with the world your eyes bestowed.

Be sure to read the submission guidelines for simple rules to get your knowledge out there!

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MODEL MELTDOWN: leandra breen is a prophet? or 2-faced?

Leandra Breen is a MVW top 10 MVW finalist, congrats girl. However, the topic of this post is her “worthy” spot in the competition show Styling Forward Hosted by a some model and Frolic Mills. The model is Mimmi Boa, a subject of the fashion police statement that was added recently. Here is the scoop:

For several weeks on the styling forward show, week after week, Mimmi selected Leandra as the first girl to move forward each week when it was her turn to select a top stylist. I doubt they are alts, but certainly had some kind of agreement. Mimmi is not so… thought out, and repeatedly selected her fueling investigation. Mimmi gave some criticism about other contestants, but loved talking about how good of a person they are. [which is not the point of the damn competition] Anyways, Leandra’s top 3 spot in the contest may have been helped thanks to her connection to Miss Boa-Constrictor.

Recently, Leandra posted a real pixel provoking statement that shows how real she can be. lol. Here are some excerpts:

Now there are new “heroes” who fight for the right of the models who did not win. I would like to tell you something: losing with grace, decency and dignity is one of the most important things in modeling business. Some have it, some not.

Another question is why well known Models get picked. My question will be other way: “Why are they well known???” maybe because they are very good models and stylists? Maybe they work a lot? Maybe they have the right attitude? Who knows ;-). Okay i surely agree it is easier to say they have connections or they kiss someones **** than looking to improve yourself, and being fair and selfcritical.

And last but not least, i am proud to be in MVW :-)))) okay, my connections are the Mossad, CIA, KGB, the Pope, the Queen and some other. But hey ….it is the most beautiful pageant i ever joined.”

All that I get from these excerpts are that:

1. Thankfully she can lose with decency because Miss Boa-constrictor could only carry her so far.

2. The only ***’s she has been kissing are the people on the large poster that stood behind her each week of the contest. [cough, frolic and mimmi]

3. CIA and KGB are code for Frolic, Mimmi, and some other’s aka the 2011 judging panel.

So far her efforts have paid off! Congrats on making the top 10 in MVW 2011. Keep kissing!!

thank you for the resident submission! keep your opinions coming!

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